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Nest Hub Max Smart Display Review

The Google Nest Hub Max smart display review. Let’s take a look at what’s carried over, what’s new, and what my first impressions are of the Max vs...


Favorite Tech of 2018

Here's my 5 pieces of favorite tech of 2018. It’s been a really good year for smart home tech, gadgets, and sustainable technology like EVs. This...


Google Home Hub Review

The Google Home Hub smart screen is Google's take on the Amazon Echo Show. It gives you all the same voice controls as the Google Home Mini, but the...


Tesla Audio System Review Part 2

I received a lot of feedback and questions after my last video on the Tesla Audio system. Some called me out on issues around Slacker Radio and...


Tesla Model 3 Audio System Review

The Tesla Model 3 audio system is ... in a word ... amazing, but it all comes down to sources you’re using. Which is better, the built in Slacker...


Sonos Beam Soundbar Review

If you’ve seen my Sonos One review, you know that I’m a big fan of what you get for the dollar when it comes to sound quality and features like...

Sonos Airplay 2 Update

Sonos Airplay 2 Update

I wasn’t expecting my channel to turn into the Sonos channel, but shortly after posting my Sonos One review video Sonos released Airplay 2 support...

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