Undecided with Matt Ferrell is about expressing balanced and honest views on smart and sustainable technologies. It’s about understanding how these technologies impact our lives and providing my honest and authentic opinion. Honesty and integrity is core to the brand.

As such, these are the tenents I follow when working with brands.

For My Audience

  • Your trust is the most valuable aspect of my business and guides my choices and actions.
  • I will remain vigilant in my efforts to never compromise my view on a subject due to a sponsor.
  • Promoted brand products or services are things I already use or would want to use for myself, and that I stand behind.
  • Based on these tenets, if you ever feel that I’ve violated your trust, please contact me.
  • If you ever feel I’ve violated your trust in this way please contact me.

For Brands

  1. Your brand must be a fit for my audience’s interests.
  2. Your product or service must be well-regarded and reputable.
  3. While you may review the sponsor portion of a video prior to publishing, you will not have any editorial control over the video itself.

NOTE: I will NOT work with the following brands: stock or investing apps, alcohol, tobacco, adult related, gambling, or politics.

This is a living document that will be updated periodically as I continue on this path. Please check back if you ever have questions.

Sponsorship Inquiries