I recently visited the Ace Hardware trade show in Chicago, IL. The main theme of the show was sustainable electric tools and hardware. DeWalt, Milwaukee, Ego, and many more had a massive foot print with all the latest in electric battery powered equipment. While visiting each booth they were packed to the brim with stores wanting to expand their electric tools selection. What was noticeable was the extremely small footprint, or in some cases no presence at all, of companies that provide gas powered equipment. Think Stihl, Husqvarna, etc…

This is an indicator that the consumer demand for an electric future is picking up pace, and that the demand for battery powered alternatives has never been higher. The innovation shown here has also demonstrated how fast the industry is changing and innovating.

Ego for an example has a new zero turn riding mower with a steering wheel. This idea is unique and not seen in many areas. While DeWalt was showcasing their new Atomic line of compact power tools with extremely powerful motors.

I, as a writer and sustainable tech consumer, am very excited for all the consumer options coming out next year.  What do you think? Do you think the electric battery powered tools are the future? Let’s talk in the comments below

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