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Solar Panels For Home - 9 Months Later

Ever since I published the video about my solar panel system on my home earlier in the year, and my experience with the installation and energy production I’ve been seeing, I’ve been asked for an update on how it’s going. By a lot of people. Well, it’s time. How much energy production have I been seeing? How much money have I spent versus how much I’ve saved? I’m going to cover it all.

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Solar Battery Tesla Powerwall and more

Thinking of getting solar panels or already have them? You might be looking at a solar battery like a Tesla Powerwall, Sonnen Eco, or LG Chem RESU. How do they work? Why would you want one? How much do they cost? While there’s some good options available, there’s a lot to chew with this one. Let’s see if we can break it down.

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Solar Panels For Home

Will the savings you gain from solar panels really pay for the cost of installing the system in the first place? And even more secondary questions come up like, are solar panels difficult or expensive to maintain? How long do solar panels last? Will solar panels work where I live? Those are all questions I hear a lot, so let’s dive into this.

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