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Tesla Killer: FUD and Competition

Tesla Killer: FUD and Competition. There are many people filled with fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) when it comes to EVs and Tesla. Myths are spread by groups (teslaq) that have an axe to grind against EV adoption, and in other cases well-intentioned people who believe the reasonable sounding myths. Tesla earnings, finances, and business strategy are often brought into question. Let's take a look at what Tesla should do about the upcoming Tesla competitors and FUD.

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Tesla And Maxwell Technologies

Tesla and Maxwell Technologies together changes everything. With the deal to buy Maxwell Technologies done, why is it such a big, big deal? It’s another one of the laundry list of items that investors and analysts seem to not fully appreciate how much this may push Tesla even further ahead of the competition.

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Recycling Batteries: E Waste

This week I take a look at recycling batteries and avoiding e waste. With everything from mobile phones to EVs requiring something like a lithium ion battery to power it, and only 5% of lithium ion batteries getting recycled, I thought it was a good time to take a look at one of the looming environmental issues with lithium ion batteries. As well as what happens to old electric car batteries.

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