Here in the United States it’s Thanksgiving time, so that also means it’s holiday shopping season. I thought I’d put together a quick video on some of my top picks for Tesla accessories for that Tesla fan in your life … or maybe it’s just yourself. But in either case, these are some nice little extras for that special Tesla owner.

It probably won’t come as a surprise when I say this, but I tend to research the heck of something before I jump in and buy it. That makes me kind of hard to shop for, but on the flip side, I think I could have a second career as a personal shopper. If you have a Tesla fan you’re trying to shop for, consider this my audition as your personal shopper! There’s no charge for my service, but to be up front, some of the products I’m linking to in the description are affiliate links, which helps to support the channel and doesn’t affect the price you pay at all. . Now, all the items I’m going to talk about I already own and love… so this video won’t help my wife with her holiday shopping.

First up would be a Center console vinyl wrap. The versions I’m recommending come from Abstract Ocean, which you can get 15% off your first order with my discount code. With a little patience they’re easy to install and look absolutely fantastic. It can really give your Tesla a personalized look, as well as protect the glossy surfaces that can scratch easily. I’m partial to matte black, so went that route, but you can get everything from carbon fiber to brushed metal. My wife couldn’t tell that I had installed anything after I was finished. It looks like it came from the factory.

I don’t know about you, but I got spoiled by my last car with its built in sunglasses holder. The Model 3 has a cavernous center console storage area, but not many built in shelves to keep things organized. I got this flocked center console tray, which matches the look of the interior texture nicely. Most of the inserts that I’ve found are hard plastic, and while they work well, they don’t look like they came with the car. This one does, and it solved the missing sunglasses holder for me.

Continuing on my center console journey, there’s the cup holders. This one is super simple and a nice way to add a little more personality to your car. Center Console & Cup Holder Rubber Liners. You can pick these up with different accent colors, but even the all black helps to give a little more of a finished look. Not much else to say on that one. Could be a nice stocking stuffer.

While we’re down here near the the foot wells, the next recommendation is for the TopFit Performance Aluminum Pedals. For those of us with the non-performance Model 3’s out there, we all got the standard rubber pedals. Nothing against them, they are just pedals after all, but the aluminum pedals really give a nice finished look. And the rubber ridges provide a really nice grip to the foot, so I’ve always felt secure using them.

The next two probably won’t surprise you, since I’ve done extensive reviews on both, but I’m going to recommend the Jeda charging pad and Jeda USB hub. Both have a bit of a premium price tag, but from my experience, they’ve earned it. I love being able to plunk down my iPhone in portrait or landscape on the charger. Once you go wireless charging, it’s kind of hard to go back. It’s easier to pick up and go when you don’t have to worry about a plug. And the Jeda USB hub is the perfect companion for any wireless charging pad, or even the old school cables. It’s a lot more expensive than a small USB hub, but you get some nice extras for the money. First is the “from the factory” look. Once it’s in place you can’t tell you’ve added anything in there, so it’s nice and tidy. Second is the hidden compartment for your TeslaCam and Sentry Mode flash drive. And finally are the 5 USB A and USB C ports, which give you plenty of options for the devices you want to plug in. Absolutely love mine.

If you saw my Model 3 review I put out last year, then you know one of my pet peeves with the Model 3 design were the door release buttons. They blend in seamlessly with the door handle, and the placement isn’t typical for where you find a door release, so people not familiar with the car can get confused. The emergency door release on the front doors is more intuitive than the door buttons. Thankfully, there’s a really easy fix: Door Release Button stickers. It sounds silly, but they work really well. This isn’t an exaggeration, but for the first few months I had them, my wife commented on how much she liked them every time she was getting out of my car. It’s not only great for newcomers, but pros can appreciate these too. They have a slightly rubberized and raised surface, so when you run your hand and thumb along the door handle it’s immediately apparent when your thumb runs into the button. It’s subtle, but a really nice tactile feel for those times when you’re not even looking at the handle when trying to open it.

Here’s another I’ve mentioned before, but it’s always a good one. You should pick up some Ultra-Bright LED Lights to replace the stock door and trunk lights, which are too dim for my taste. The difference between the before and after in the trunk was dramatic. The bulbs under the doors were just as dramatic. Switching out the door lights takes very little effort and can be done in a few minutes. The trunk lights are easy, but there’s a little more to fiddle with around the trunk liner. Again though, a few minutes and you’ll be done. Well worth the upgrade.

I live in the Northeast, so have some very rough and dirty winters to contend with, so getting all-weather floor mats isn’t just a nice to have, it’s a necessity. There are some great options out there, like the 3D MAXpider floor mats, but I ended up going with Tuxmat. The fit and finish is excellent and they provide some of the best all around protection against water with high side walls. Plus the surface is extremely easy to clean off.

And directly related to the dirty winters that a lot of us have to contend with: mud flaps. Yes, mud flaps. And no, these aren’t like the mud flaps you’d put onto a truck, but they provide a decent amount of protection for the sides of your car from the dirt that’s kicked up from the front tires. You tend to get a lot of road spray up the sides of the doors that cake your car is salt and grime. This set comes from EVSmartParts.com, which was created by a member of the Tesla Owners Club of New York State in the Rochester, NY area … my hometown, and no stranger to heavy snowfall. What impressed me the most about these mud flaps is how easy they are to install. It’ll take you about 15 minutes and doesn’t require any drilling or wheel removal. They also don’t affect the profile of the car and stay tucked in right behind the wheels, so there should be little to no impact on the aerodynamics. They have a Black Friday sale going on from November 25th to December 1st for $69.99. After that the price will be going back up, but even at the higher price I think it’s worth considering. A nice side note is that they’re partnering with the ARC Seneca sheltered workshop, which creates jobs for people with special needs, to help package and ship orders.

And I saved the very best for last:, my SFSF t-shirts! Yes, nothing says I love you like a nice printed T-shirt! But seriously, there are some really fun designs in the store with Starman, Superchargers, Tesla and Back to the Future. The Tesla geek in your life will get a big kick out of them. I know I do.

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