I’m joined by Ricky from Two Bit da Vinci for a Tesla year in review. We talk through everything that happened in 2019, which includes sales & competition, acquisitions, Tesla Energy, and where things are going in 2020.

In this episode we run through everything from the Porsche Taycan to the Jaguar iPace, as well GM’s plans to build their own gigafactory. And what about the Ford Mustang Mach-E? And maybe a little Cybertruck action thrown in there too.


We talk about Tesla’s Advantages in the market, because as more competitors arise, we have more points of comparison to make. Tesla has also made some pretty telling acquisitions this year as well.


In this episode we run through everything from the new Tesla Solar Rental product, to Solar Roof 3.0, to Powerwalls and Megapacks.

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Matt Ferrell
Matt Ferrell lives in the Boston area and is a UI/UX designer by trade, but has always been obsessed by technology and how it works. In 2018 he started his YouTube channel, Undecided with Matt Ferrell, where he explores sustainable and smart technologies like EVs, solar panels, and smart homes.

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