I asked everyone for questions for a Q&A episode, and boy did you deliver! Let’s talk about Tesla and the future of EVs, which car companies are getting disrupted, investing in solar, and smart home technology. We’re covering all of the bases in this one.

00:52 – What’s the most expensive gadget you’ve bought?

01:52 – Will EV SUV and trucks sell well?

02:57 – What’s your wife’s favorite smart home gadget?

03:56 – Where is the solar break over point?

05:06 – Smart home security

06:20 – When will EVs be the default choice?

07:12 – What are some good IFTTT applets to get started?

08:00 – Kiss, marry, kill: Tesla, Home Automation, Solar

08:40 – Is it good to use Alexa?

09:34 – Do I still like Hubitat?

10:08 – Why did I choose Hubitat over Home Assistant?

11:00 – Automation rules for thermostat

11:35 – Is Tesla’s prowess in battery technology overblown?

12:51 – My editing/gaming setup

14:21 – What legacy auto manufacturers will be fatally disrupted?

15:44 – A little bit about me

18:57 – Dexter’s Lab?

Tesla Model 3 Car Noise Reduction

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