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Are Smart Home Devices Worth It

Are smart home devices worth it? On most of my home automation videos I get questions asking why do we even need smart homes? I’ve spent years building out my smart home, adding lights, switches, locks, cameras, water sensors, motion sensors, voice assistants, and even more devices. Let's take a look at four of the big reasons why so many of us do it.

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Smart Home For Beginners - Technology

This is the start of a series on home automation basics. I’ll be covering some of the essentials like scenes & modes, automations, geofencing, voice assistants, and how to secure your smart home devices. For this first video I’d like to set a little bit of a baseline and cover the differences between individual smart home devices and the various smart home platforms.

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Tesla Killer: FUD and Competition

Tesla Killer: FUD and Competition. There are many people filled with fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) when it comes to EVs and Tesla. Myths are spread by groups (teslaq) that have an axe to grind against EV adoption, and in other cases well-intentioned people who believe the reasonable sounding myths. Tesla earnings, finances, and business strategy are often brought into question. Let's take a look at what Tesla should do about the upcoming Tesla competitors and FUD.

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