Hi everyone. I don’t have my usual video this week because I’ve been catching up on work and getting over being sick, but I did want share a quick update and ask for some input.

There’s a really long list of video topics that I’m slowly working my way though. Right now I have videos in progress for …

  • Tesla Sentry viewer app overviews and reviews for your phone (both iPhone and Android).
  • An update on my solar panels and what my solar production has looked like so far. And you know me … I’ve got a lot of data I’m trying to boil down for you.
  • A review of an interesting self-hosted home automation hub called Hubitat. I’ve been using it for the past few weeks as a replacement for Smartthings and have a lot of thoughts on it.
  • More third party Tesla app reviews.
  • Apple iOS 13 and how the HomePod and Apple’s HomeKit will be changing this fall. There’s a lot of exciting things happening there.
  • And some deep dives on Tesla that I think are pretty interesting. If you liked my Tesla Maxwell video, I think you may like some of these too.

There’s a lot more beyond that, but I’m also working on a series of “getting started with home automation” that I’ll be releasing alongside those videos when it’s all ready. This home automation series will be separate from my regular Tuesday videos, so expect those to drop on something like a Thursday or Friday weekly release schedule when they hit.

That leads me to my questions for you. I cover a variety of technology topics, and I know it can sometimes be a mishmash. The thread that pulls it together is exploring technology that impacts our lives in one way or another, but I’d love to hear from you on those topics.

  • Would you like to see me break up my release schedule to certain days, so you know what to expect and when? Like Tesla Tuesdays and Home Automation Fridays? Maybe not exactly that, but something like it?
  • Or is the variety fine on the standard Tuesday schedule?
  • Under the “exploring tech that impacts our lives,” are there any topics you’d like to see me cover?
  • Would anyone be interested in a live stream and Q & A?

I love making these videos and want to make sure I’m delivering videos you’re finding interesting or useful. So hit me up on my contact page or shoot me a message on Instagram and Twitter.

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