About Me

I’m incredibly humbled to have built my YouTube channel to over 1 million subscribers who are passionate about renewable and sustainable technologies.  My background and decades of experience in UI/UX design influences how I approach evaluating emerging technologies’ impact on our lives.  Those videos have been viewed over 100 million times! I’ve spoken at Fully Charged Live and have also advised multiple sustainable tech startups. Over 1,000 people have added solar to their homes largely because of my videos and community. I’m thrilled to have helped add over 10,000 KW of capacity to the power grid.

For my viewers and readers:

    • Your trust is the most valuable aspect of my business and guides my choices and actions.
    • I will remain vigilant in my efforts to never compromise my view on a subject due to a sponsor.
    • Promoted brand products or services are things I already use or would want to use for myself, and that I stand behind.
    • Based on these tenets, if you ever feel that I’ve violated your trust, please contact me.

    For more on my business and how it’s run, please see my ethics statement.

    Undecided with Matt Ferrell is produced and published by Matt Ferrell Design, LLC.